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Founded Skopje, Macedonia in 2004. Now a home to 200 dancers aged 7 - 25 years, and an orchestra of traditional instruments.

Arts & Crafts

Restoring and creating traditional costumes since 1995. We have complete male and female wardrobes from 20 different regions of Macedonia.


If you are interested in having us at your festival, or want to see the dances or clothes in Skopje, write to us on E-Mail or Facebook.

Our Dances

A Video Showcase Of Tradition Performed By Our Ensemble.


The Bride's Dance

Belomorski biser

Dance From Aegean Macedonia


Choreography Of Dances From Eastern Macedonia


A Dance Honoring St. George

Vodicarki and Osogovka

First Part From Our Award Winning Choreography


Second Part Of Our Award Winning Choreography

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Macedonian Folklore Heritage.

  • A Small Country With Rich Tradition

    Macedonia has a rich and diverse folklore heritage consisting of many regional dances, songs, and costumes.

  • Rhythm And Melody

    Macedonian rhythms are irregular (7/8, 9/8, 11/8), making the performance challenging for the musicians and dancers alike.

  • Rich Costumes

    Costumes are made of wool and cotton and have intricate designs. Composed of several pieces and elaborate decorations, some costumes can weigh up 30 kg. Gracefulness while dancing in one of these takes lots of practice.

  • Lasting Experience

    Visitors and tourists remark on an unforgettable experience, after having danced to some of the tunes and steps of Macedonian dances.

  • Immerse
    in Folklore
    with Etnos